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OCT 2014

Berklee today is the official alumni publication of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a forum for contemporary music and musicians.

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24 Berklee today Stephen Vanourny Vans Inc. Elizabeth R. Varela '05 Pablo J. Vargas '97+ Donald '70 and Vasconcelles Pamela Charles M. Vassallo '86 and Gifford Booth Virginia Vega Valdes '09 George T. and Sophia Veinoglou Anthony J. '78 and Christine Veltri Vendini Incorporated Verizon Foundation Croce L. Verrochi '89 Shifteh Veyssi Brian W. Jr. '91 and Faith Vibberts Julian F. Vidal '02 Richard B. Vigdor Lydia Villa Komaroff and Tony Komaroff Gary L. Vining Vinyl Dreams Francisco Guillermo Visconti Protovin '10 Ayal Vishnitzer '11 Paul E. Vivarelli '76 George '72 and Anne Vivino-Hintze Carlo and Hillary Von Schroeter Ginger Von Wening '76 and Kristian E. Meisling Yuth Vorachattarn and Yuwaree Pinyatinant Gail A. '81 and David G. Vorsas Victoria M. Vox '00 Hoa Vu W.G. Price of New England Inc. Annamarie and Brian Wachsberger Elissa C. Wadds '99 Jennifer Wade Wayne N. Wadhams ∆ Maria Wadman '17 Rob and Terry Wadsworth Frank D. Wagner '75 and Cathy Thompson Thomas and Pamela Mason Wagner Douglas J. Wagoner '91 Jeffrey P. Wahtola '95 Noreen M. Waibel '78 and George Kozub Bonita C. and Anthony D. Walker Jeffrey C.* and Suzanne Walker Thomesa L. Walker '98 Walker Family Foundation Bill Wall Denise Wall Mary K. Wall '13 Sandra F. Wall '84 Carl R. Wallace Jr. '92 and Jennifer E. Wallace Victor E. Wallis Richard Wallner '87 and Joyce Davis Jennifer R. Walsh Michael A. '80 and Laura H. Walsh Lynne R. and Robert C. Walsh William J. Walsh '76 and Janet Molinari The Walter J. Noonan Trust: Deborah Monroe Memorial Fund Justin S. Walton '96 Chester H. Wang Hao Wang '11 Kuanwen Wang and Yayen Lee Shanley Y. Wang '12 James D. Ward Randy Ward Stephen B. Ward '87 and Roberta Korus Stephen C. Ward Tristana M. Ward '93 and Laura Ivey James C. Jr. '76 and Michele L. Warner+ Keith W. '73 and Leeann B. Warren Michael J. Wartofsky '92+ Waste Management Inc. Christopher '76 and Glennis Waterman Kellee N. Webb '02 Susan and Jeffrey Weberman Michael Weber Bonnie J. and David H. Webster Raey W. Webster Jonathan S. Weed '02 Maria Weeks John F. Wehmiller and Paula Lawrence-Wehmiller+ David L. '76 and Carol Weigert+ Tamara Weinberg Donna M. Weinsteiger '87 Roger J. Weisberg '75 Steven G. Weisberg '83 Amy and Irwin Weiss Brad D. and Candace Weiss Marissa Weiss William M. Weissman '08 Steven J. Weizman '94 Gregory B. Welch Robert M. '75 and Barbara J. Weller Rudolph F. Wells '84 William F. Wells '11 Wells Fargo Foundation Patrick J. and Carol A. Welsh Stacy L. and David S. Welsh Maurice and Helen Werdegar Mark F. Wessel George W. Westbay '80 Westerly Animal Hospital LLC Emery B. Westlake '12 Susan and Theodore Westlake Eric M. Wetlaufer** Mark and Julia Wetmore Linda M. and David F. Whelan Shauna Whelan Sandra C.** and David P. Whiston Joanne S. Whitaker Margaret and Robert Whitaker David A. White Eugenia and Tracy White Marian White and Larry Davidson Peggy White Richard H. White '78 Susan Whitehead*+ Richard C. Whiteley Lee Whitmore Clyde H. Witmyer Jr. '80 and Joy Alexander+ William D. and Jean S. Whitney John F. Whynot Rachel A. Wiegand Harriette and Steve Wienner Carolyn M. Wilkins Donald F. Wilkins '70 Jessica L. and Bill Wilkins Galen G. Willett '11 William E. Simon Foundation William Rawn Associates Blake E. '01 and Mary T. Williams '01 Lisa A. and Joseph W. Williams John G. Willis '83 Skylar B. Willis '11 Wilmington Trust Curtis G. and Joanna K. Wilson Forest B. '99 and Jillian Wilson James S. Jr. '87 and Prima S. Wilson Frederick D. Wimberly '05 Darcy S. Winer '00 and Car Galhouse Earlene V. and Kirk T. Winn David M. '79 and Sheryl Winstone Michael Winter Bob Winter '52+ William Winterer Sylvia K. Wirtz Wise Construction Corporation David Wish Esther M. and Barry Witler Lizanne and Matthew Witte Jean and Guy Wojtanek Sander E. Wolf '94 Charles A. Wolff '81 Renee J. Wenk-Wolff '04 Gernot Wolfgang '89 and Judith Farmer+ Judy and Harold Wolfson H.T. and Ellen L. Wolosinski Kathleen B. Wonkka Samuel B. Wood '12 Polly Wood-Holland and Dennis J. Holland Martha E. and Craig T. Woodard Seth A. Woodard '06 Michael and Carla Worb Walter M. Work Benjamin B. Wright '00 Richard F. Wright '66 Willard J. Wright '83 William Wuerfel '79 Eric H. Wurst '86 Zhen Wu '13 Tai A. Wyban '05 Arlene and Paul Wylie John M. Wylie '07 Herbert M. '57 and Audrey S. Wyman Isaiah Wyner Jonathan A. Wyner Xerox Corporation Yanlin Xiong Cengiz R. Yaltkaya '76 Nobuyuki Yamamoto '89 Diane Yasek Daniel and Lois Yates Daniel K. Yee and Debra H. Wong Sharon and Paul Yee Sherman Yee Tso-Feng Yeh and Shih-Yun Chen Alan J. Yeoman '65 Daniel J. Yob '07 Michael S. Yoder '82 Pamela E. '91 and Adam York Michiko Yoshino '90 Brace Young Jesse C. Young and Jane C. Darden-Young Todd R. '97 and Laura Young Wendy L. Young Paul A. '81 and Barbara Youngblood Krysta M. Youngs '05 and Yan Perchuk Mariann A. and Andrew Youniss Rose Yu-Virji Michael H. Zack '75 and Sherry A. Umberfeld+ Mark P. Zagol and Heather I. Pescatello Adrian M. Zakrzewski '11 Zampell Refractories Inc. Madolyn K. Zani '11 and Joshua C. Kwolek '12 Asghar Zardkoohi Brian J. Zarlenga '06 Robin R. '92 and Danielle Zaruba Gina M. Zdanowicz '94 Diane and Stephen Zedros Barbara L. Zenker Chunli Zhao and Xinghui Huang Thomas K. Zicarelli '78 Zicarelli Foundation Inc. Yianna D. '06 and Joshua Zicherman Ryder S. and Michael Ziebarth Sagit Zilberman '10 Craigie Zildjian+ Arthur H. Zimmerman '69 Etan Zinori '85 and Aviv Band Mark S. and Beth W. Zobel Kathryn M. Zodrow '04 Fereydoon and Catherine T. Zohdi Patricia Zollars Robert J. Zollars Ilan and Susana Zollinger Tania Zouikin** Barry L.* and Jan Zubrow Gail C. Zunz Margaret M. and Carl E. Zwisler

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