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OCT 2015

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Fall 2015 21 Fall 2015 21 a B-fat in the same bar," violin section leader David Juritz told the composers. "That could cost you a take." As well, pianist Catherine Edwards stressed the value of using multi-measure rests rather than a string of empty bars and providing cue notes before an entrance for any instrumentalist who hasn't played in many measures. Other input focused on conducting. "For any tempo above 152 beats per minute, just give the down beat, we don't need the whole pattern, we've got the music going in our ears," Juritz added. "We consider the click to be king," said clari- netist Matthew Hunt. "If you fall behind it, the players have to determine what to follow." The musicians also gave a shout-out to McKenna Smith for making brief humorous comments on the podium before starting her cue. The players agreed that her remarks had won them over and put them at ease before the downbeat. After putting their skills to the test and having a professional recording to prove it, the company headed back to Valencia for graduation before taking the next step in their careers. Berklee Valencia student composers and faculty members pause at the end of the June recording sessions in Abbey Road's Studio One scoring stage. Valencia faculty mentors (left to right) Alfons Conde, Vanessa Garde, and Lucio Godoy Histeria Producciones Links to selections from the Abbey Road sessions "The Last Stand" by Felix Carcone: "Prelude to a Fantastic Journey" by Guido Arcella Diez: "Lux Aeterna" by Fernando Nicknich "Stardust" by Casper Ivel: "What These Ithakas Mean" by George Karpasitis: "Coming Home" by Andy Mastroddi: "Birdless Birds" by Matteo Nahum: "The Ugly Duckling" by Belén Vivero: "Lament" by Ana Kasrashvili: "The Clean Up" by Peter Eddins: A brief documentary overview of the entire project can be viewed at:

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